Re: Help: Two Sided Printing

"Searcher7" == Searcher7 <Searcher7@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Searcher7> Can anyone tell me the difference between "Flip on long
Searcher7> edge" and "Flip on short edge"?

Imagine you were writing on the paper, and you get to the end of the
first side and want to move to the second side.

You have to turn the paper over to do that, but you hae two choices:

If you're on a tablet that's bound on the top, you have to flip
around the top edge.

If you're on a notebook that's bound on the side, you have to flip
around the left edge.

But your printer paper isn't bound at all, so what the printer wants
to know is whether to flip on the long edge or the short edge.

So if you're in portrait mode, with the long edge on the left, you
will in general want to "flip on long edge", unless you want to bind
the pages at the top, in which case you will flip on short edge.

If you're in landscape mode, you'll want to "flip on short edge" if
you're binding on the side, and "flip on short edge" if you're binding
on the top.

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