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Hi Folks,

I just bought one of these Kodak printers and I can't get it to scan a
document. I get "Error Code 1 - 2007" and "twaingui.exe has caused a
problem and must quit" and just plain "an error has caused scan to
abort". I installed from the web on the first try and then uninstalled
and reinstalled from the CD, same problems both times. I can hear the
scanner going but it never completes. I have followed the manual but
no joy. The printer is fine. I am running Windows XP SP2 with all
updates installed. I have an AMD Athlon 1.3 gig CPU with 512M of
SDRAM. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Greetings Malcolm,

Did you try to scan using the Camera and Scanner Wizard? The printer/scanner does not use a twain and the report implies something going on there, and that may have something to do with it? Are you using the scanner software offered by Kodak?

You can contact me directly if you like. Let me know more on the details of your situation.

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
Greetings all,

Whoa, what was I thinking? Sorry for the error. Indeed the 5100 and all the models use TWAIN. I meant to say that id does use this technology. The fix for you, Malcolm would be to use the noted option in the meantime. I am continuing the investigation into your error. When I have more I will post to you.

Best Regards,

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company

You may have to look at the device manager to see if you are running it with a microsoft driver or the kodak driver.

If your running it with the MS driver then you will have to update the driver and "force " it to see and use the Kodak one.

What you have mentioned above is consistent with the scanner not seeing the twain driver but being able to use the other drivers that have come with the hardware. the MS driver has been given preference to the Kodak one when the hardware is being loaded - plug and pray system.

Hi Rob,

I checked the device manager and found; The driver tab on imaging
devices shows Kodak as the driver provider. However when I click on
the "details" the driver shows as provided by MS??????

I just remembered after I installed the Kodak software I went to MS
update site and it showed "hardware updates" for the Kodak All in One
and I installed them. I wonder if that is my problem? May be I will
uninstall the Kodak software and reinstall without the MS update for




I tried the uninstall and reinstall the Kodak software and did NOT
install the MS hardware updates from the XP update site. Still no joy,
the scanner still fails in the same manner.



I never had problems with my Epson Scanner or my Canon printer. I bought the best of breed at the time.