Re: Problem with HP LaserJet 2100 Series PCL 6 printer

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I have problem with the printer noted in the subject. When I ask for
printing from my application (MS Word, Notepad,...) it doesn't start to
print simultaneously.

Grean light is blinking but paper is not coming out of printer. I have to
push big annular bottun for each paper to print.

How can I avoid this pushing button??

Why my printer isn't printing simultaneously when I ask him to print from
my aplication?!

Any help is welcome... thanks!

The most likely cause is the paper size settings in the printer driver
your application do not match the paper size in the printer.
Check your driver settings carefully first.

Drivers are okey, I checked them twice and paper size is 210.00 x 297.00 mm
(A4). Source is set to "Tray 1" and Link checkbox is unchecked. Is that

Sometimes printer is printing as it should, but sometimes it makes problems
(noted at the begining of post)...

I just can't find answers for that behavior of printer :/

The word is about network printer...

Tray 1 is the fold down multipurpose tray in front of the 2100, tray 2 is
cassette tray that you pull out at the bottom, is this the one that you are
trying to use?
If so you need to change your source to tray 2.

I tryed to change source to tray 2, but I can't cause' it always shows me
tray 1 even if I chose tray 2 and click OK. I don't know whay can't I
change that :/

Are you using Windows XP? If you are then try this. Open Printers and Faxes,
right click on the printer icon and select Properties.
Select the Advanced tab and select Printing Defaults, select the Paper tab and
select Size as A4 and Source as Auto Select. Click apply if necessary and click
Now select the General tab and select Printing Preferences and select the paper
tab, make sure Size and Source are A4 and Auto Select, click Apply if necessary
and click OK.
Click OK again to save the settings. Important......You must do both of these
Open Printers and Faxes again, right click on the printer icon and select
Printer Preferences, select the Paper tab and check that A4 and Auto Select are
Now the printer should feed from tray 2 so long as tray 1 is closed and there
is no paper in it, if there is paper in tray 1 it should feed from there.
You need to check that your applications are also set correctly, for instance
in Microsoft Word click File, Print, Properties, Paper and make sure the
selections are the same there.