Re: Override HP Smart Chip on Toner Cartridges

How do I override the smart chip function on an HP 2600n? I want to be
able to use ALL the toner in each cartridge, not replace the cartridges
when the machine thinks it has printed enough from a given cartridge.

I have fooled around with the menus on the tiny little display panel,
and I don't see anything that looks like an override.

Thanks for any info.


As you state, often these special setting or diagnostic setting can
defeat the lovely "features" the manufacturers provide for us,>
jabright@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

The solution I have just found, at least on the 4600, is to go into the
menus on the front panel and under the "Diagnostics" menu, select
"Disable Cartridge Check".

Art & John-

I also have the HP 4600, and have discovered the Disable Cartridge Check

It is handy when you desparately need to print something and can't wait
until the stores open to buy a new cartridge. However there is a price to
pay. At least on mine, photographs have poor color balance when the
feature is enabled.