Re: HP #98 cartridge reset?

Bill wrote:
Inkjet wrote:

I recently refilled the HP #98 (C9364W) black ink cartridge for my HP-2575 printer. This was the first time it's been refilled. It prints fine now but the on-screen ink level estimator graphic no longer works for the black ink. I did some research and found this to be a common problem with many HP cartridges. I was able to find solutions for resetting the cartridge and/or printer for several other HP cartridge models but not the #98. Is there a way to reset it?

Unfortunately no...HP changed the way ink levels are stored. Earlier
models like the HP 56/57/58 carts could be reset by rotating three carts
through the printer since they could only remember two at a time. You
could also use tape over the contacts to reset the levels.

The newer carts like the 95/96/97 retains the ink level inside a chip in
the cartridge and there is no known way to reset it. You just have to
ignore the low ink warnings and remember to refill before it runs dry.
It will still work fine, you just won't have proper ink level readings.

Maybe someone will come out with an HP chip resetter like the Epson cartridges. Do the HP 90-series cartridges expire at some date and stop working regardless of their ink level?