Re: Magenta won't print after a refill

Brad P wrote:
The magenta in my colour cartridge ran out last week, and I refilled it last
night. I have the HP 1350, its the 57 cartridge. My other colours were ok,
didn't need to refill them yet. This cartridge was also refilled by an ink
refill shop last year.

I only used maybe 2ml of ink. I can draw the ink out, but when I print, it
starts ok but fades out, as shown in the images below.
The yellow-magenta-yellow is suppose to be yellow, magenta, red.

Ink is not getting drawn down to the header, I am not sure why. Any suggestions?


Exactly what happened with my 78 cartridge. But all may not be lost.

My first refill of a 78 cartridge went smoothly because I refilled before it went empty. The second refill was not as good because I put pigmented black in the cyan chamber. Realizing the problem immediately, I pulled as much out as possible, then added cyan, and pulled it out (to rinse the chamber) and added more cyan. I let it sit until it quit weeping; it bled a lot of cyan ink. Then I put the cartridge in the printer and got streaks, cleaned it, medium cleaned it, and then deep cleaned it and it was ok. If the printer was not used for a few days, it would print with streaks, but would clear on the second picture.

Finally it ran out ink again (of cyan of course) and I refilled it. I noted that the cyan chamber in particular seemed to have a fairly hard sponge and figured that might reduced the capacity some. The cartridge dripped a lot after filling and when it had nearly stopped, I put it the printer which printed a very bad test, so I cleaned it, another poor test print, medium cleaned it and the test was generally ok. I printed a 1 page year calender with small picture and the first three were small pictures were ok and the rest showed a lack of cyan. I did this several times and every time the first row was generally ok, so I knew ink was there but it just wasn't moving fast enough toward the head. I assume that the capacity had been reduce by my mess up with the black pigmented ink. So I, gave up and went to bed. The next evening I prepared to mess with the cartridge again to see if could get it to work (more vent, more ink, etc.) Before I took the cartridge out, I printed the calendar and everything was fine.

My conclusion was that the main problem was an air bubble near the head that caused the problem and it was slowly absorbed over a 20 hour period. I still believe that the capacity of the sponge. If I were you I would let the cartridge sit for a couple of days and then try it. If blotting the print head shows a good ink pattern, the problem is not lack of ink or a clogged head. And, trying to print without ink flowing through the head can result in the heat chambers being damaged.