Re: Wanted: mentor for setup of small Sun cluster

"Amy Lee" <openlinuxsource@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I'd like to learn more about your experience with these clusters. I'm not
familiar with Cent OS but I'll do some searching. I'd also like to hear
how using Solaris went for you. Is there any documentation of your
clusters online that I might read? Or maybe you can contact me off-list
you need.

I guess the first decision is whether to use Solaris or a Linux distro.
far as I can tell, there are only a few (Gentoo and Red Hat) that seem to
support Sparc out of the box, or at least that have readily available
documentation for Sparc. Anyone want to give testimony for one over the
other. Even Sun CEO Jonathan Schwatz says Sun lost their way for a while
in maintaining high performace, but what's the story today?


Well, I'm afraid that I can't provide you some documents, because I'm a
Chinese. However, language won't be the obstacle between us.

As you mentioned, we have 8 nodes based on 2*AMD Opteron 275 per node, and
4 nodes based on AMD Opteron 270 per node. The 4 nodes use Solaris, other
8 nodes which have 2 processors use Linux. And one computer as the
controller. 13 computers in the Cluster.

Let's talk about OS. Based on your arch, I suppose that you should use
Solaris in your nodes, and to download Open MPI for Sparc version from
Sun. You must know how to install it.

Hmm, I hope you can ask me something, that would be better for the


Amy Lee

I think what I'll do is start crunching through all the Sun software
documentation. Since I have a myriad of questions, I think I will start new
threads for each. This will keep the subject lines appropriate to the
questions at hand.