Re: Port WindRiver Network Stack to Linux

hi Ather,
tried to get ur problem.

is it like this.....
ur simulation env will be running on linux. the target application will
be running on the ARM target. the tcp/ip stack supplied by windriver
has to be configured on the target itself and not on the linux
supported host.

if i have got u correctly, then wht u can do is that configure the
tcp/ip stack of vxworks on windows using tornado/ workbench. burn it in
ur eprom, then use the stack for ur simulation env on linux by calling
the standard n/w system calls.

may be i havnt got u correctly.
please revert back with further discussions abt this and ur simulation

Ather wrote:
Hello All,
I have a requirement to develop a Simulation Environment for our target
application in Linux. Its Linux because of some other interdependencies
of the existing Code - and therefore, I CANNOT use the VxSim which
actually requires me to be in either NT/Unix/Solaris. Now, is it
possible to include the IP Stack provided by Windriver over the target
platform to be embedded along with my Simulation over the Linux
platform. If yes, what should I be doing.. I cannot take the binary
compiled for the target to link it in Linux. where does the code for it
reside?? does it come as part of the stack?
The target platform will be ARM.
Or is there a way that I could build the VxSim for Linux ?

Im grateful for any help/pointers.