[9fans] C++ support [was: TeX: hurrah!]

The lack of C++ is going to hinder efforts to port these projects to
Plan 9 as-is; and these are significant efforts, not likely to be
duplicated by 9fans. (Perhaps the C++ library for PDF handling can be
rewritten in C, and then XeTeX & LuaTeX can be ported. But don't
expect the projects to use the rewrite in favor of the original

In the spirit of offering possible useful information while not being in the
slightest bit interested in either porting a compiler or writing a converter
at this time, I had the thought "why not write a C++ to C converter" like the
old f2c I used back before g77/g95 came out. In anticipation of another flame
drizzle, I am not reading these threads thinking that everyone is asking me to
write these things for them, nor are my contributions necessarily asking
others to develop such projects for me. When I have written my own posts it
was intended to ask if anyone has done this, something similar, or even tried
it. I like orienting myself a little before spending hundreds of hours --
only to find that I have reinvented the wheel.

I poked around a little and found the following info:


apparently LLVM can be used to convert C++ to C; I had not know that:

I remember seeing someone interested in porting LLVM to Plan 9. Maybe that
would help get you going.

EBo --