Re: [9fans] Recommended emulators/VMs for P9 install


If you want to buy a desktop computer, and feel like running native plan9, I've got this machine (desktop) two/three weeks ago and run Plan9 reasonably well, and of course the other "mainstream" OS like win7 and linux. As for VM, i've used vmware server 2.0 (free) and runs quite well, was a plan9 hosted in that vm and was running quite well for some years.

Case: A model of Coolermaster with no blinking lights and no nothing but the chassis
Power supply: 750W
Motherboard: ASUS P6T SE
Memory: 4GB 1333MHz
Processor: Core i7-920
Video card: ATI HD5750 (two of them)
Hardisk: WDC WD3200AAJS-55M0A0 (westerdigital 7200rpm 320gb sata)
Monitor: Samsum P2250
Soundcard: USB ALTEC Lansign speakers

I've got on ebay long ago the IBM/lenovo 3 buttons mouse, and a random keyboard.

Price ~950€ plus tax, i guess you can get more or less the same for 950$.

So far in native plan9 i've got working:
- sata with 9atom.iso (booting and installing fine)
- sound seems to be recognized but not tested,
- usb mouse,
- usb disk
- lan (realtek RTL8168c/8111c),
- video vesa 1280x1024x8, i can't get more than 8 bit. . .which is a pity. . i guess some vbe digging could solve this. When i change the color depth the screen show weird things, but still showing only 8 bit color weird things.
- 4 cores works

main issue is interrupt count does not go below 4000. . .need to dig more into this, probably to compose a mail to the list :), but it does not hurt too much, at least for now.



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My computer died, so I'm in the market for a new one. I figure I'd
like to get back into hacking on Plan 9 so I plan to install it
beneath a VM in whatever machine I buy. I'm even considering Windows
7 Pro with Virtual PC, but I think I'd prefer Xen or one of the
Linux-based things (VirtualBox, etc.).

Ease of installation is important, as is the ability to run a somewhat
normal (Windows or Linux) host OS. Are there any recommendations?