Re: PCI USB Card question

On Thu, 27 Sep 2007 16:31:24 UTC, "Rodney Pont"
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On 27 Sep 2007 16:00:48 GMT, Dave Saville wrote:

The USB controller probe reported 1 UHCI, 3 OHCI and 1 EHCI - The last
four are on the new card.

According to the OS/2 USB site you need *two* device statements per
controller but it would seem this is no longer true as adding more
than three OHCI lines produce a "controller not found" type message.

You need one entry for each controller, I've not seen anywhere say two.


"Something very important is that for each pair of USB ports on a
controller, a line specifying the appropriate device driver must be
added in your config.sys. For example: a six-port controller requires
you to have three lines in your config.sys (or even more if it's USB
2.0: two lines for each pair: one for the driver used for USB 1.1
devices; the other for USB 2.0). If you've got a controller with an
odd number of USB ports, then increment the number of cards by one,
and take that number to decide how many copies of the driver line
should be present in config.sys."

What I don't understand is why all 6 ports only work if I have 3 OHCI
lines *and* an EHCI line. The UHCI controller works fine on its own. I
would have thought one would run it as either OHCI or EHCI.

Can somebody explain what is going on please?

The ECHI controller can run more than one port but still only needs one
entry per controller. When a device is plugged in the card will decide
if it is OHCI or EHCI and attach it to the appropriate controller so
you could be using all six as EHCI and not know about it. That's my
understanding of it anyway.

Maybe but using a USB stick with a single EHCI line none of the ports
worked. With no EHCI line and three OHCI lines a couple of the ports
worked. With three OHCI and one EHCI all six worked. Go figure.

Dave Saville

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