Re: OS/2 and Windows Peers Suffer Sudden Network Blindness

Sorry to confuse you.

- Cat

johnsuth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> In <42D7211F.F883B3D4@xxxxxxxxxxx>, ITCat <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >My OS/2 baby shares cyberspace with other OSes, but primarily a Windows
> >ME PC, a Windows XP desktop, and a Windows XP laptop. A new wireless
> >4-port switch/router/access point was put online a few months ago when
> >the wired router died, and I am suspicious of it because despite that it
> >would give my OS/2 PC a DHCP address, and put it in the table, it
> >displayed its hostname as a blank in the table, displayed only the OS/2
> >machine in the table, but would not always allow it to pass through to
> >the internet. Giving the OS/2 machine a static IP fixed the problem of
> >getting to the internet completely and all was well. However, we use
> >Netbeui to see the other machines on the LAN, which was working
> >perfectly and, until very recently, we could each see all the other
> >machines on the LAN and write to the shares. No changes have been made
> >other than adding a wireless card to the WinXP desktop PC to avoid using
> >a long patch cable.
> >
> >Now, for no apparent reason, the OS/2 desktop and the WinXP laptop can
> >see each other...only, and the WinME and the WinXP desktop see each
> >other...only. The 2 WinXP machines are wireless and in the same room,
> >and the WinME and OS/2 machines are wired, in the same room, and share
> >a hub which connects to a switch which connects to the wireless
> >switch/router. The switch/router is Linksys configured as a "gateway"
> >because according to Linksys, that is the only way we can use it to get
> >to the internet...and we
> >could not locally find a plain router...anywhere. There is a D-link
> >wireless access point which is off-line for now. Networking and
> >shares have been redone repeatedly in the Windows machines, and MPTS,
> >TCP/IP configuration, and the OS/2 shares have been (hopefully)
> >refreshed in the OS/2 machine with no cure. Has anyone had anything
> >similar? Am I wrong to be suspicious of the router, and should I
> >consider TCPbeui instead since it is the Windows default LAN protocol?
> I would love to help Cathy, but your description is too complex with too much
> redundant detail.
> Does NetBeui work with wireless technology? If not then the wireless detail is
> redundant.
> If you are using NetBeui then all the DHCP detail is redundant.