Re: Networking a printer through a router

In <1121099892.188826.227590@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, on 07/11/2005
at 09:38 AM, pacgeo@xxxxxxxxx said:

>That's funny. Why would they label their other printers in the
>Markvisions setup menu Optra K,....etc. and not Optra R? Go figure.

It always baffled me too -- I eventually decided there were about 15
different printers for Lexmark, IBM and I think Dell and some other
company -- that used the same printer engine, with basically, bolt-on
additions for different uses -- and the easiest way to deal with it from
the Lexmark service view, was to lump them together as the 4049 for

>Anyways, problem solved. I went the SLPR route and it works. Only one
>annoying problem with the printer though: when I turn it on it beeps and
>I get a message stating: "71:2 no network connection." I have two
>options, RETRY or DISABLE. When I hit RETRY, the printer menus spits out
>two messages: PS to NET2 and PJL to NET2, and then the printer motor
>keeps running until I hit RESET PRINTER. Then it works fine.

>Now, to try the same in XP. If this becomes a problem with XP at all, I
>will reinstall Markvision and select the 4049 printer and proceed.

>Thanks again.