Re: Duplicate Name exists on the Network


R. G. Newbury wrote:
then run the Peer
install/configure program, to make it happy with the new code. If you don't run (install) the updates for Peer, the configure program will remove part of the MPTN updates (you'll know that this is happening when it asks for the Warp 4 cd).

And I don't know what you are referring to when you say 'Peer install/configure'.. I've never had that program. I have the TCPIP notebook (now a Java program) and the MPTS 'Network Adapter and Protocol' configuration program... the only other thing I have is Lan Server Administration....()which is part of the bit which is munged..)

It is <root>\IBMLAN\INSTALL\LANINST.EXE, or the wps object is (on my MCP2 system) \desktop\os/2 system\system setup\install/remove\OS/2 LAN Services Installation/Configuration. IF you have not updated the Peer, it will be called Peerinst.exe. If you have both, delete Peerinst.exe. By updating Peer I do mean installing IP8414, which is the last Warp 4 Peer fixpack, I believe. Double check at Oliver Rick's web site: <>
Thanks a Million!