Re: How to reduce SNAP screen resolution blindly?

tholen@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Wolfi writes:

My monitor just died on me and I had to connect an old one, which cannot
handle the resolution SNAP is currently set to.
So all I get after booting up is a black screen.

I have a related problem. I had a monitor die. It was running at a
refresh of 72 Hz. Although the new monitor works at 72 Hz, it complains
about the mode being "not recommended". So I clicked on the System
icon and changed the refresh rate to 60 Hz. After the next reboot,
the same old "not recommended" message occurs, and refresh rate is
right back at 72 Hz. I even used the Advanced button to set the
global refresh rate to 60 Hz, but after the next reboot, it's right
back at 72 Hz. How can I get the changed refresh rate to stick?
I'm using SNAP build 420.

I had one like that a few years back - I had to do a cold start for both the
computer and the monitor to eventually get things to stick. Seems the
monitor would not come out of the mode it was in so the driver assumed that
this was the only available mode and stuck there. Some times, the big
hammer is all that will work.

Will Honea