Re: Making a 1:1 copy of a CD in CD-Creator


Stan Goodman wrote:
I want to make a 1:1 backup copy of an existing CD. CDRECORD2 is installed in the system and works (it has burned disks), and CDDAO.EXE is present. CD-Creator is also installed.

Opening the "1:1" oject of CD-Creator, I see that the burner and its location are correctly identified on both the source and target lines, as "0,1,0 : 'TOSHIBA ' 'CD/DVDW SD-R5372'", but the driver lines are empty in both cases. These, according to the documentation, are determined on pages 2
and 3 of the CDRDAO tab in the CD-Creator settings notebook.

On both pages the burner and its location are again correctly given. What is
in the Driver field is "Sony CD-RW CRX 160E". I have no clue if this is the right driver, but assuming it is, why isn't it known to the 1:1 object's set
up screen? More importantly, how do I get it there?

I believe that you have a modern DVD burner/player. If so, then you should open the list box (the down arrow to the right side) and select generic mmc as your driver. Same is true for modern CD burners/players. So unless your device is one of those listed (the exception list), that is what you should do.
Thanks a Million!