Re: Future.

Mat wrote:

Welcome to science! We never "know", we just "guess". And even that
sometimes in a wrong way. All we actually can do is trying to give
answers to the past, since we know a little more things about it (f.i.
things you mentioned in the 50s). We can "try" to do the right things
in present and "hope" we will be right in the future as well. Since
this is very thrilling we all love this kind of work :-)


Look it was such person named G. Ford
he was not:
- a scientist
- a projecting engineer
- Even his economical theories look into works Lord Archer.

But he (G.Ford) defined the future for many years forward.

Science may pro-pose, under some problem
engeneers may develop according to reqvmnts, sometimes seccesfully sometimes

What makes UNIX-like OSes better than the Oberon, and alternatively.
Yes it is hard to imagine httpd under Oberon.
From the other point of view
a script on Oberon-1, would be stable (safe) enough
but faster than simmilar script on PHP(!).

We come to the border where most of (not embedded) computer activity is
processing of video and sound in several formats
and scripting languages mostly PHP and HTML.
Why not plug DSP, hardware scripts processor, and hardware database request
in computer of future, instead of "traditional" processor?

It may seams depelopers of modern programs do not care about efficient of memory
as it was cultivated in same culture which worked out processor architectures.
Alto had simmilar functionlity with the K.D.E. but software of Alto requaired
few orders
less memory than the K.D.E. or the G.N.O.M.E.
When I wrote scripting language for web to save memory and processor resources,
I found it is not wanted. Priorities are changed. What was a misstake in 50th,
now is a prefferance. (Meanless content help internet providers,
and their equipmnt manuftrs. At leas this makes such contents not meanless).

Is it need to return to the past in the future?

P.S. By the way, I saw book of AST about data structures
on russian published in soviets' times.
It not seams such that devlprs of K.D.E. follow it.