Re: Aztec C (1.06) problem ?

On Sun, 05 Oct 2008 19:16:50 -0500, Bill Buckels wrote:

"Udo Munk" <umunk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We have at least one ANSI compliant C compiler for the Z80, HI-TECH C. Also
several C compilers are available with full sources, so it doesn't have to
be this one, that could be worked on. One more example why software should
be open sourced, it will survive then even if abandoned.

I can give you several reasons why some software should not be open-sourced
beginning with large-scale applications that represent years of development
work and investment which can alternately be covered by escrowe agreements
to ensure that the both the client and developer are protected.

No problem, I can agree with this in that far, that releasing sources
won't un-protect the developer or anyone. Open source doesn't mean public
domain necessarily. If one wants to steal software one doesn't need the
sources for that. It is the work and the ideas behind the work that can be
copyright protected.

However I won't debate the issue since I don't want to start a religious
war:) I have written at least a million or so lines of shareware and
freeware and this earns me the right to my opinion. There's no universal
panacea. One size does not fit all so one can't make a blanket statement

Correct. Operating Systems and development software should be open source
to make real use out of systems. Well, nowadays this is the case anyway,
so nothing to argue about.


Harry Suckow and Jim Goodnow had at one point discussed open-sourcing
this, and Harry indicated to me earlier this year that he would like to
do so. However, when he looked for the source, it had been discarded to
make room for a family member.

Too bad.

Aztec C was not so much abandoned. It was stolen and beaten to death,
but as it turns-out it would be better for us at this point in time if
this had been open-sourced. Back then the families that were fed would
have starved.


Abandoned by the driving force of a monopolist, like all the others too.
I have some doubts about starved families, other compilers were
distributed with all sources, and as far as I know the fact that sources
were available just killed no one. It is only that I still can use this
sources on nowadays systems, back then we bought a license for using the
stuff as cross compiler.

Udo Munk
The real fun is building it and then using it...