Converting Roland .rsc/.rsd files to midi


I have a Roland JW-50 keyboard, and I have been searching for ways to
convert Roland files to midi (I realize that the JW-50 has a build-in
option to save in midi format, but it doesn't always work for me). I
saw some posts describing a program called "Roland V-MT Visual Music
Tutor", but all I found was a trial version that will not let you save

So I looked at the .rsc and .rsd files and managed to make a program
that converts the files to .mid.
My program is still very much a beta version, and I have only tested
it on files from my JW-50.
At the moment I've only made a Linux version of the convertion tool,
but I can easily convert it to Windows if necessary.

If you are interested, send an email to asgerix at hotmail dot com.

Asger Grunnet