mutt and gmail - "muting" threads

I use mutt to read and write emails via a gmail account.

I have set up mutt so that I can move mails to the Starred directory using a couple of keystrokes. If I go into gmail via a web browser these mails appear with a star beside them.

One of the facilities gmail has that I like is the ability to "mute" threads. To mute a thread in the web browser it's necessary only to press the m key while viewing the mail and that thread no longer appears in the inbox, it goes straight to "All mail".

I'd like to be able to mute threads with mutt, but haven't found a way to do it.

There is no "Muted" directory among the gmail directories to which to assign emails. I have searched some muted mails including their entire headers to find a clue to how gmail flags threads as muted, but can't work out how it's done. And I've searched the 'net for clues, advice or instructions, but can find none.

So, I'm here now to ask: can anyone out there tell me how I can flag threads muted with mutt?