Re: how to get sent-mail home?

On Sat, 16 Jun 2007 10:49:46 -0500, Stof wrote:

My e-mail goes through an IMAP server. Which is handy, when away I still
can follow my mail through a browser and if necessary I can react.
At home I POP my mail. But this only works on the mail in the Inbox.
Is there a way to get Eudora also POP my folder Sent-mail?

POP retrieves mail only from primary system mailboxes.

Simultaneous use of POP and IMAP on the same account
is usually not recommended.

If there isn't, what is the easiest way to get the mail home
out of Sent-mail?

Why not use IMAP at home, too?

You can always copy mail from remote mailboxes to local mailboxes,
if you want local copies.

If "Sent mail" itself is only on your traveling computer,
then copy it to an IMAP folder on the server,
where you can find it using "home" computer.

It is also possible to use POP exclusively, leaving mail
on POP server for long enough time that both computers
can download the same incoming mail; "Bcc" can be used
to mail onself a copy of outgoing messages, if desired.

I personally decided to have my ISP unconditionally
forward all my incoming messages to a Gmail account,
to which I point Eudora using POP for downloading it
(or, Gmail can also retrieve POP mail by itself,
leaving it on the POP server by default for other download);
this gives me a permanent place to visit using *any*
computer, anywhere, in case I want to do some work
while traveling. If I used Gmail's free SMTP as well,
then copies of my outgoing messages would automatically
also be kept at Gmail (though I use local SMTP and just Bcc to myself).


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