Difficulties Trapping ActiveX Events

Hello Forum,

Concerning the trapping of ActiveX events...

First, let me preface this question by saying that we did find a great
deal of information in the archives. In fact, we thought we had it.
Apparently not :(

We tested our ActiveX control in the AX Browser just to find out which
events were being generated by which actions. We settled on testing
with the #ControlSelected: event. This is how we set up the test:


(self view controlDispatch)
when: #ControlSelected: send: #onControlSelected to: self

XtremeCommandBarsPresenter>>#onControlSelected: aControl

Sound beep.

We have the firing of events and property notifications aspects set to
true. We also tried hanging off (self view), but that didn't work
either. We also made sure our #createSchematicWiring method was
actually executing--it was.

What are we missing?