Re: Telnet "More?"

Christopher Dicely wrote in post #993345:
It looks like the server is sending something other than the default
prompt and expecting a response; you probably need to handle that

Yes, but I'm wondering *why* this happens with the Ruby client. It's
hard as hell to search the web for the "More?" response, because search
engines ignore the "?" leaving you search for "More" (pun not indented,
but apropos).

If you use telnet directly (from the console, not a script) and do the
same sequence of commands, what happens?

It works fine. It also works fine using the Python client.

But so far, in my extremely superficial comparison of the languages, I'm
liking Ruby better. I like that regex is a first class citizen (/f?o/i
is a hell of a lot better than re.compile('f?o', re.IGNORECASE)), and I
like the implementation of Ruby's telnet library better (passing blocks
to receive output is a nice touch). Unfortunately, a straight-forward
use of the library is provoking a weird response from the server.

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