Re: Telnet "More?"

Eric T. wrote in post #993311:
In a slightly unrelated question, I don't understand why I have to do

out = lambda do |c| print c end
t.login('someusername', 'somepassword', &out)
t.cmd('dir', &out)
t.cmd('dir', &out)

Rather than simply this:

t.login('someusername', 'somepassword', &print)
t.cmd('dir', &print)
t.cmd('dir', &print)

Seems kinda pointless to make a function...

Which function are you referring to??

which does nothing but pass
it's arguments unaltered to another function.

Yes, that would be pointless, but where does such a function appear in
your code?

In your code, the & does two things:

1) It calls to_proc() on the specified object. print() is a method of
the Kernel module, and Kernel doesn't define to_proc().

2) It tells ruby to use the Proc object as a block.

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