Re: error while executing the code

On Tuesday 12 October 2010, Ravikiran Basa wrote:
|i run the below code with ruby interpritor(1.8.7)
|i am getting error " ruby: illegal switch in RUBYOPT: -� (RuntimeError)"
|class Animal
| def set_noise(noi)
| @noise=noi
| end
| def make_noise
| @noise
| end
|puts ani1.make_noise
|puts ani.make_noise
|if the same code is run in Netbeans IDE(Jruby) i am getting expected
|Can somebody explain the reason?

The error you're seeing doesn't depend on your code, but it's caused by the
environment variable RUBYOPT including an invalid option. In case you don't
already know it, RUBYOPT is a list of options passed to ruby every time it is
run and it's used to avoid repeating the same options every time on the
command line. In your case, it seems that your RUBYOPTION contains an invalid
option. For example, I get the same error message with the following line:

RUBYOPT="-q" ruby
ruby: invalid option -q (-h will show valid options) (RuntimeError)

Try display the contents of RUBYOPT and see if it contains something wrong.

I hope this helps