Exploring cmd line issues with WinXP

I finally sat down and wrote something about some issues concerning Rexx and WinXP I had after switching from OS/2 to WinXP back in 2003.

The first paragraph of the text may give an idea of the content:

"While there's nothing wrong with either Windows XP or (oo)Rexx running under it, a user may get some unexpected results when working with a command line orientated tool like a Rexx interpreter. Generally, those unexpected behaviours are not bound to (oo)Rexx but to the underlying design of Windows and how the command line is implemented into the whole scenery. It may be helpful to explore some of the basic interactions between Rexx routines, the Rexx interpreter and Windows facilities to overcome some limitations and get a little bit more productive. .."

Obviously this is strictly a single users (! not programmer) perspective but it may eventually help to take the first step.

You can find the text at http://board.3stepsbehind.de/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=162

Any corrections, additions or comments are welcome.


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