Re: 'pipe <' doesn't work in Windows xp? I get an error saying its not a command...

On Sep 7, 10:29 pm, Graham <norrisg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
coryssanc...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
c:\r4>r4 dmd qbglk clistd a
before workdata
'pipe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
54 +++ command: pipe < qbglk clistd a | locate 1-11 /class name/ |
take first

Well, as it is telling you, there is no pipe command on Windows, so this
isn't going to work. You will have to re-write the REXX program.

For the example above "< filename" reads a file, so you will need to
substitute a method of reading a file, for example linein() in a loop.
While doing that check for the string "class name" in column 1, and keep
just the first instance of it.



Thanks guys!

No it wasn't a practical joke hah, I just got thrown into this project
(i'm an intern), and I have no ideas about mainframes nor rexx, and
this program was running on zNetView.

So basically I have to parse the file it generates.

I thought REXX was cross platform, meaning it could run on any
operating system like Java for instance.
Is there a way to tell what functions are strictly Mainframe and which
ones I can keep in the program for windows?

Like for instance:
'pipe <' fn ft fm,
'| locate 1-11 /Class Name/',
'| take first 1',
'| spec 15.255 nw',
'| strip trailing',
'| stem class.'

'pipe <' thats only for mainframes
is locate/take first/spec/strip trailing/ also only mainframe? Is
there a big library of functions I can look up to see what these guys
actually do?

I'm use to Java/C++ so when I see these I can barely tell they are
functions without the ()'s ;)
I guess i'll adapt!