Re: Where is a modern pascal code incubator ?

On 2005-11-15, RickE <eng@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Again, using the daemon.pp example;
> To my understanding, FPC2.0 greatly improved the UnixTypes and signal
> function calls from the previous "linux" unit. The type SigSet has
> three different aliases and two different aliases are used in the Var
> declarations. This is quite confusing.

> Further, the new fpSigAddSet, fpSigDeleteSet, etc. calls might replace
> the numeric signal mask "sSet."

Both correct. Will update this after the releasebuilding for 2.0.2 is done.

> Lastly, I think the fpSelect call is improperly used. To my
> understanding, fpSelect is a file descriptor event and not a signal
> event handler. fpSelect is used in the example only as a timer, anyway.

Correct, but 2.0.0 doesn't have an universal sleep function. Afaik this
is fixed post-2.0.0, but better wait a while till 2.0.0 is really totally
phased out.

> Lest the impression is given that I'm another smart alecy critic, I'm
> sorry.

Three critic points, all three comments correct. So no need to appologise,
thank YOU.