Re: Printing Problem

In comp.lang.pascal.borland message <2oadnTE3Pc9Wd5TbnZ2dnUVZ_tWhnZ2d@co>, Tue, 27 Mar 2007 21:11:15, EdMac <emackinnon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I haven't used Pascal for years. I just bought Borland TP7 for DOS. I am
running it under Windows XP. I cannot get anything to print, using
"writeln(Lst, )", even when I include Uses printer, and windos. Any

ISTM always wise to configure such programs to print to a supplied file
name (one can then test without using paper) and to use the name of the
printer (Lst or LPT1, for example) when needed.

If you print to a text file, my Delphi PRINTEXT (see sig line 3) will be
able to print it out in a straightforward manner but with choice of font
face, size, colour, page size, etc. It will accept Standard Input.

Of course, that may not help if you want to see the printing while the
source program is still running.

PRINTEXT should compile & run in TP7, but will not then print.

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