Re: Digi Boards for DTM

What model Digi are you using? What OS are you running on?
Years ago I ran Digi-boards with DTM v4. They were set up as COM ports which shared a common interrupt (as opposed to the Arnets which had a special handler for more efficiency.) If I recall correctly, the DEVICE file had to be set up with the correct addresses and interrupt.

The problem you are describing sounds like an interrupt issue.

"Roger Cope" <rogerdotcope@morphanieldotcom> wrote in message news:Xns96CEB6097745Arogercopemorphanielc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Has anyone got experience of using Digi multiport serial boards with DTM
6.6 instead of Arnet boards?

I have recently switched to Digi and have two niggling issues:

First, using a similar device string for the Digi boards as I used on the
Arnet boards delivers character by character READ input on the device with
control characters not interpreted - it's impossible to READ a string and
I've temporarily recoded to READ characters until *C=13.

Second, I cannot get a second Digi concentrator to work, leaving me with
only 16 ports. I have followed the Digi instructions and have also failed
to get 32 working ports using the Digi driver, so this is not necessarily a
DTM issue.

Whether I attach the concentrators in series on a single Digi board port or
one to each port, only the first concentrator initialises and the second
puts up an error message that means it detects a duplicate ID on the card
(which is not true - I have correctly set unique IDs).