Re: Firefox 3.5.5 crapping itself (redux)

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You don't need to address each and every cell. Terminals are line
orientated, like a teletype. You type in characters at the end of the line.
The terminal receives characters and places them at the end of the line, and
that line is usually the one at the bottom of the screen, just like in DOS.
Not always at the bottom, but it's always the last one with any data in it.
The rest of the screen is blank.

Not all terminals are line-oriented. The IBM 3270 and the Tandem 65xx series
support both line- and block-mode communication. (In block mode, an entire
screen is transmitted or received at once.) Before commenting on the method
the OP has chosen to implement a terminal emulator, it's important to know
*which* terminal he's trying to emulate.

Of course, I wouldn't choose a cell-by-cell method for emulating a block-mode
terminal either.