Re: jQuery + IE8--told you so

David Mark <dmark.cinsoft@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

On Apr 8, 6:42 pm, Eric Bednarz <bedn...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

To be fair, I probably hate jQuery much more then David does, with
probably much better reasons, […]

Well, are they better reasons or not?

That depends on your point of view (all of the following would be true
for me even if your technical criticism were not valid).

I don’t mind so much if people wanna use jQuery on their own website or
one man company work, but I do mind it on the work floor a lot. While I
can sort of see its appeal for front-end developers who quickly want to
prototype behaviour in a website mockup, it creates the delusion (also
at the management level) that something is ‘about 95% finished’ after
that; all what is usually needed then is somebody to tear down the brick
wall that has the remaining “5%” on its other side (guess who is *not*
going to do *that*, especially when it turns out that those 5% require
500% of the previous development time ;-).

And it seems to encourage trial & error spaghetti code that has to be
totally rewritten. That’s the curse of quickly and easily ‘prototyping’
applications, instead of design you get a lot of ad hoc features
patched together.