Re: debugging for multiple versions of IE

Ben Crowell wrote:
This is an open-source project that I'm doing for fun, so going out and
buying three Windows machines to run IE 6, 7, and 8 is not really on my
agenda :-)

You might want to try IEs4Linux which uses WINE; both are available free of
charge, and free software (at least WINE is). I've never gotten Microsoft
Script Debugger to work there, though, and IE 7+ support is shaky at best
(my IE 7 still just doesn't want to navigate).

But you really wouldn't need to by one machine per each IE version to be
tested; you can make a partition for each, you can install a Virtual Machine
or, for the lazy of us, you can use standalone IEs; they should suffice for
testing simple, not DOM-related scripts. Also, IETester 0.3.2 allows you to
test IE 5.5 to 8 in one application.

I have recently posted the corresponding URIs, but Google is your friend
[psf 6.1], too.

And maybe <> also helps.

I do have hands-on access to one machine running IE 6 on which I get an
error message complaining about syntax, but the message is annoyingly
vague -- it tells me I've got an error on a certain line, but it doesn't
tell me which of my nine files the error is in <:-O

Yes, that's Micro$~1. Remember that old helicopter joke?

Can anyone suggest any sane way to deal with this?