Re: capture 'Paste' event in text-area

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Very Thanks to all for ur replies...... but i haven't got solution to
my problem as to how to increase height of the text area when contents
are pasted into it.

Yes. Among other things.

Now the thing is "keypress" event yields result in FF, but not with IE
and others, for IE and rest , the option available is "onkeyup" and
"onkeydown", but then the corresponding function would be called twice


for "cntrl+v" and hence that option will also won't work..... and
regarding "onpaste" event , it is only applicable for IE. I am sure
der must be some way to achieve this task.....

Trying to intercept an OS-specific keyboard accelerator (e.g. Ctrl+V)
is silly. The paste event is available in IE. Other than that, you


ya.... 2 days of research yet no result... even i feel m SOL.... but i
have seen some application(especially facebook), where this particular
thing has been achieved..

Really? And how much of those two days was spent looking at their


none actually.....but AFAIK, facebook uses their own DOM elements..