Re: capture 'Paste' event in text-area

On Dec 5, 6:56 am, Erwin Moller
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David Mark schreef:

On Dec 5, 4:11 am, Erwin Moller
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RJ schreef:

The scenario is.... there is a text-area that is used as chatbox where
user enters their text msgs for chatting it has a fixed width
but the height increases according to the content.... now the problem
that i am facing is whenver i do a cntrl+v on to the textarea , the
height of the textarea does not increase according to the contents.
I tried capturing the cntrl key event using "event.ctrlKey" on
"onkeypress" event, but i works only for FF and fails in IE and
Is there any way by which i can capture 'Paste' event......
Any help wld be highly appreciated.

Have a look here:

Please note the listed keydown and keyup. keypress is NOT listed.

That site should not be treated as reference material.  I consider it
harmful as the descriptions of the "quirks" are often confused (among
other things.)

Hi David,

That table gives a nice overview which browser supports which metakeys.
Allthough I never use quirksmode as a reference, its listings with
compatibilities are useful and pleasantly presented and easily understood..

Since the OP had troubles with support in different browser for the
keypress this seems like a good place to start reading.

Which website would you advise to look up this kind of information?

Depends on what kind you mean. is okay for an overview
of (some) browser differences, just ignore the attempts at explanation.