Re: capture 'Paste' event in text-area

RJ schreef:
The scenario is.... there is a text-area that is used as chatbox where
user enters their text msgs for chatting it has a fixed width
but the height increases according to the content.... now the problem
that i am facing is whenver i do a cntrl+v on to the textarea , the
height of the textarea does not increase according to the contents.
I tried capturing the cntrl key event using "event.ctrlKey" on
"onkeypress" event, but i works only for FF and fails in IE and

Is there any way by which i can capture 'Paste' event......

Any help wld be highly appreciated.



Have a look here:

Please note the listed keydown and keyup. keypress is NOT listed.

Good luck.

Erwin Moller

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