Re: Find out the page dimensions

Le 12/2/08 12:53 AM, David Mark a écrit :
On Dec 1, 5:56 pm, SAM <stephanemoriaux.NoAd...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
The corrected code bellow tested in :
FF.3, Safary.3, Opera.9, iCab.4, all on Mac and IE.6,
,if not perfect, works not so badly except in quirksmode in Opera.

The black div cover the 'body' as asked.

No, he wanted to cover the "whole page."

Yes you're right.
He has to have to suppress the marges, hop!

(with a little error of positioning if the body has a border)

Will also add scrollbars in IE quirks mode.

How do you know all that ?

It's not my fault if IE is a BS.
Anyway that doesn't disturb me and it is possible to do not turn it in this mode.

onload = function() {

Will you please stop doing that?

Certainly not.

Why ?

What's wrong ?

d.onclick= clos;

Well, at least this one doesn't leak.

Ouf !


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