Re: How to prevent image load

On Dec 22, 9:49 am, Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn <PointedE...@xxxxxx>
john_woo wrote:
I'm wondering whether it is possible that makes page load image only
on demand.

is there any idea?

If you add the `img' or `object' element objects to the DOM tree yourself,
or provide a URI for the `src' or `data' attribute of the respective `img'
or `object' elements that does not refer an image resource at first, then
the corresponding images will not load before that takes place or you modify
the `src' or `data' attribute of those elements to refer to an image resource.

In any other way that is not possible, at least not interoperably, as
client-side DOM script support does not even have to be present, let alone
sufficiently enabled.


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Thanks for the idea.
However if the URI points to a none image source, then the web page
will display a small red box, that doesn't look good.