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windandwaves said the following on 8/5/2007 2:00 AM:
On Aug 4, 10:09 pm, Randy Webb <HikksNotAtH...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
windandwaves said the following on 8/4/2007 4:51 AM:

Hi Folk and Gurus
This may help some of you (though probably not the gurus), in changing
Any feedback appreciated.
That would have to be about the worse way/example of an image change
script as I have seen in a very long time.

I have changed it...

It is getting better, but, as David has already pointed out there is a lot of feature detection missing from the script. And technically speaking, it is not an image changing script anymore.
If you read a thread entitled "Script for Hiding/Un-Hiding Text On Click " (Which is almost precisely what you are doing), it shows a lot of the tests that can/need to be performed for feature detection in your script, and some of the drawbacks to several different approaches.


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