Re: I booted into forthos and was like, what now?

On Tue, 16 Jul 2008, vandys@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Larry Webber <thecoots@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
anyone using it instead of linux?
does it have tcp/ip?
remind me!
I am not using it and honestly was not aware of its existence. I just
googled on "forthos" and found the home page for this site. http://


A friend wrote a IP plus TCP and UDP for it, along with some basic PCI
support and a driver for some breed of ethernet card (I don't remember
offhand which model it was). He even married it with the TTY support to
support telnet into the system.

There is a question/answer section but it appears activity on that ended
in 2005. I too am curious as to whether anyone is using this. I quickly
downloaded the ISO and tried to install this under Linux running VMWare
abd got it to "boot" there. I looked on the aforementioned home page for
documentation but failed to find much.

If you get interested enough, you can do a hard disk install and then
there's the source code.


Since we got your attention ...

Hey, I'll byte! How does one install upon a hard drive? Is it possible to use QEMU to create a disk image, and install onto that? Either way,
with a couple of pointers, I'd be happy to unwrap, and then put the source
in a file on the Web somewhere ... If only to study the bootstrap stuff .... though a forth based IP stack might be useful, if it is licensed under
an open license ... of course.

It would be tragic to let such a nice native Forth die of loneliness ...

Rob Sciuk

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