Instructions that allow spaces in the operand field

Am I right that SETA, SETB, SETC and AIF are the only instructions
that allow, when followed by space(s) and 'then a (', the operand
field to contain spaces?

If yes, can I assume that for them the operand field ends on the last
matching ')' (that is not part of a quoted string) or ').label' for

Also, can I assume that any text following the last ', ' (comma space)
on multi-line operands is a comment?

Why do I want to know?

I've written a number of edit macros that convert PL/I, JCL, REXX &
SuperC (as yet very limited, specific for something I required), into
a html format that is (hopefully) identical to the ISPF editor display
with "HI ON PAREN" (actually, for JCL it's better, as ISPF has trouble
correctly hilighting in-stream data). I now like to add a EHIASM macro
to do the same for assembler.

BTW, the macro's are available if you want them, drop me a line, email
- ONLY TO THIS ADDRESS: x'9996828599A37C97998995964B969987' (EBCDIC,
paste in 'hex data') and put "[EHILITE]" anywhere in the title. ONLY