Re: APL is Alive & Well V/S APL Needs to learn

On May 22, 11:28 am, Mb <meb...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Morten Kromberg wrote:

I maintain that anyone who thinks that one of the most important
attributes of a tool is that it is free has a very poor sense of
priorities and is unlikely to be successful in any endeavour.

And I suppose you know about Linux, BSD and the likes, don't you ? :-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Sure, I just don't think that being free is amongst the most important
features of these systems. Things like reliability, hardware support,
and availability of applications are the important criteria when
selecting an operating system.

Investing in order to make a tool free can be a good strategy for
getting other people involved in the development, and I think this can
work when the users and developers are the same set of people, as is
the case for Linux, BSD and many other "tools for software engineers".
But I can't see how to make the model work for APL language