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CharlesBennett <surfer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

surfer@xxxxxxxx (CharlesBennett) wrote:
Does anyone know of a browser tool/plugin which would enable a multi-part
download? IE: avi.001 thru avi.055. Or rar etc. I'm using Unison
Newsreader which I'm not happy with. It goes in and out, requiring a lot
of work. I have little use for the other features of newsreaders.

My news server ( allows web access to news groups
via almost any browser; as well as nntp with a newsreader.

Mac OX 10.5.6 Intel 2.16 ghz cpu.

Safari ver 3.2.1 Camino ver 1.6.6 Firefox ver 3.0.6

Sorry, I should have been a little clearer. A tool/plugin which would

add the 'queue' feature to a browser.

The DownThemAll extension for Firefox is worth looking at . It queues
downloads, and has other features that might work well for you.