Re: Considering writing a new gopher server

Whiskers <catwheezel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On 2008-09-26, Aaron W Hsu <arcfide@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been definitely going with the idea that I should redo parts
of my site in Gopher form. Reading over the protocols, it's obvious
to me that there are some really simple things that I could do, and
have a workng gopher server written by myself in maybe a day.

The question I have is whether there are features or some kind of
features other than the protocol that people like or use a lot, such
that it would be a bad idea (if I wanted others to use my server)
to change or break or not support. I intend to first write a little
gopher server, and then extend it to gopher+. However, other than
these features, what do people want in a Gopher Server?


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Hey, fair enough.

Adding features to a server is only half the job; the other half is adding
them to clients. Perhaps the first step should be to find out which
clients people use? (I use Gopher and Lynx).

I guess my question was whether there were established traditions for
how Gopher servers should work, not to the client, but for the
administrator who is writing the content.

Aaron Hsu

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