Re: DVD Workshop crashing

> The DVD consists of an intro (first-play) clip and a single menu which
> points to four additional clips. All the clips are MPG format, and I've
> used the DVDWS interface to trim them to the appropriate sections and
> set chapter points, chapter thumbnails, etc. The project previews fine.
> But, when I try to "burn" the DVD (actually, just create the DVD folders
> for subsequent burning) DVD Workshop crashes with the typical WinXP
> "Ulead DVD Workshop has encountered a problem and needs to close. We
> are sorry for the inconvenience." dialog.

As you're only writing folders, just put the offending clip in as the first
play (without trimming or chapters) and try again. If it's a corrupt MPG or
out-of-spec (I think it is one of the two) then the build should fail
immediately. If it gets through the first play, then it's the
trimming/chapters that are at fault.

If it does fail, then (assuming the other three MPEGs have been built to the
same specifications) just delete it from both first play and menu, and try
to build what's left. If they are the same spec, and the build succeeds,
then it's a corruption. If the build fails immediately, it's a spec problem.