Video Studio 8 - Problem with audio panning


I'm authoring a holiday video for a friend with Video Studio 8 and have a problem with the audio. In one szene there are some people talking in front of a small and noisy mountain river. I'm fading from one clip with talking people to the clip with the river and some seconds later fading to another clip with the people again. It is not possible to hear what these people say. So I have panned their talkings to the left and tried to pan the water completely to the right. But that didn't work. Then I divided the audio from that clip into a wav file, deleted the left part and put this wav into the music track. But is played in the middle and not at the right, but the file is.

How can I get this river sound to the right. I can't pan it while playing because it is impossible to do this from the start of the clip.

I've reduced it's volume to 50%, but that's not enough.

Hope somebody can help me and wish you all a nice weekend.