Wacom Intuos 3 tablet driver restart without reboot - Windows XP


I have been having trouble with my tablet driver 'stopping' after my
PC goes to sleep and wakes up again. Sometime after one sleep cycle,
sometimes after a couple...(symptom, the pen works like a mouse, not a

I found that rebooting my PC every time to get the driver to load was
a BIG pain, since normally bridge, photoshop and illustrator would
have to be shut down..and then restarted after the reboot.

Last night I think I found an easier solution. Instead of rebooting,
I went into services and stopped the wacom tablet service. I then
ctrl-alt-deleted and ended the wacom tablet exe process. I then went
back and restarted the service - and woohoo - the pen was working like
a pen again, minus the re-boot.

I wanted to share this, as I imaging there are others with this same

-Beth Carey