Re: adobe photoshop 5.0 rectangular Marquee tool dashes won't go away - done/stay/save?

"jobs" <jobs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
not a graphics/adobe guy.

This one will be obvious to anybody who is.

I'm working on a 800wx300h image.

inside of which I want an 800x300 rectangular image with linear
gradient background color, the rest if transparent with other images
on top. I create a new layer and use the Rectangular Marquee tool to
select the area before using the gradient tool to color it.. dumb
question is.. the Rectanguar tool continues to display the outline..
how do I save the save so that it's not waiting for me to do something
else? I'm sure my approach is wrong.

Thanks for any help or information.

Can you just deselect in the select menu?