Re: Italic labels

Dieter Britz wrote:

I tried this out, using the now modified script new3, as attached,
which uses the data file grid.dat, also attached. It produces two
new files, new3.eps (just the grids) and new3.tex. When I then type
in, translating from your line,

gnuplot && latex && dvips new3.dvi

I get the complaint, reasonably enough, that does not exist.
What am I missing?

It was an error in my commandline. You should run latex on the file new3.tex

Gnuplot didn't like the option standalone. Does this mean that my
gnuplot is out of date? It says it is

Version 4.0 patchlevel 0
last modified Thu Apr 15 14:44:22 CEST 2004
System: Linux

Well, it is not really a problem, but with the 'standalone' option it is
less work ;-)
Without this option you must create a second .tex file which includes
the file generated with gnuplot.
Note, that with the epslatex terminal you cannot use the enhanced option
of postscript driver -> '{/=25 ...}' because all the text is typeset
with LaTeX. Every backslash of the LaTeX macros must be escaped to
appear correctly in the output -> set label "$\\Gamma$"

Given your datafile 'grid.dat' the following workflow should work:

(o o) File:
set term epslatex
set output 'plot-inc.tex'
set nokey
# Multiplots of the two grid systems:
set size square
set multiplot
set origin 0, 0
set size 0.7,0.7
set xrange [0:6.5]
set yrange [0:6.5]
set format x '%g'
set format y '%g'
set lmargin 10
set bmargin 5
set xtics (1, 2, 5)
set label 1 '0' at -0.35,-0.26
set ytics 2, 2, 6
set label 2 '$R$' at 3, -0.9
set label 3 '$Z$' at -1.3, 3
plot 'grid.dat' using 3:4 w l
set origin 0.5, 0
set size 0.7, 0.7
set nolabel
set xrange [0:pi/2]
set xtics ("0" 0, "$\\pi/2$" pi/2)
set yrange [0:1]
set lmargin 5
set bmargin 5
set noxtics
set ytics 0, 1, 1
set label 1 '0' at -0.02, -0.07
set label 2 "$\\theta$" at 0.8, -0.1
set label 3 "$\\Gamma$" at -0.18, 0.6

plot 'grid.dat' w l
---------------------- end file --------------------------------------

call this file with gnuplot:


This creates two files: plot-inc.eps and plot-inc.tex
As gnuplot 4.0 does not seem to understand the 'standalone' option, you
must create another .tex file which includes the one created from gnuplot:

(o o) File: plot.tex
\input plot-inc
---------------------- end file --------------------------------------

call this with latex and dvips

latex plot.tex && dvips plot.dvi

and you get the desired output file. This gives you a file ''
which bounding box is not correct. A better option, which requires the
package pst-eps.sty, is to use the following file:

(o o) File: plot-enh.tex
\input plot-inc
---------------------- end file --------------------------------------

and call it with

latex plot-enh.tex && dvips -E plot-enh.dvi -o plot-enh.tmp.eps &&
epstool --copy --bbox --output plot-enh.eps plot-enh.tmp.eps

(on my debian-computer 'epstool' is shipped with an equally named
package and adjusts the bounding box when call as above. If you don't
have it, plot-enh.tmp.eps already contains the correctly fomatted output
but with incorrect bounding box)

Then you get a nicely typeset EPS-file 'plot-enh.eps' with correct
bounding box.

Hope this guide helps you and does not contain more tpyos ;-)

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