Re: Multiplot: size of the various plot and leave an empty space

On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:53:21 -0700, Mex wrote:

On 22 Lug, 15:02, Mex <> wrote:
I'm having some problem with this figure using

generated by this perl script

The multiplot obtained can be represent as fig1 fig2 fig3
fig4 fig5 key

The problems are:

- The fig3 is bigger than the other two figs in the first row. Why? How
can I obtain all figures with the same size?

- I would like to have the key in the first (up-left) position and not
at the end. How can I leave a empty space on the first position? I
would like to obtain something like this:

key fig1 fig2
fig3 fig4 fig5


No answer means no solution and/or workaround? Since I have a deadline
for a paper, I would like to know if I must create the figures by myself
or there is a solution with gnuplot.

Could you post the gnuplot command file generated by your perl script? (I
don't read perl, so cannot make out what gnuplot commands you are

Lionel B